Teos2 Teal

SKU: teos2teal9/11-16


Teos is a timeless ring. Please notice that Teos series include six different shapes of rings. Each glass bead is handmade and there may be variations in shapes and tones. Please contact us if you liked to have more information.

We recommend you to mix and match your Teos ring with Pallot rings

Have lovely moments with Teos ring!


Material: Sterling silver and glass

Bead size: 9-15mm - Please let me know your favourite size of bead

Shank: ⌀ 3mm

Instructions of care: The bead is made of solid glass and is durable. Avoid, however, direct contact with hard surfaces.

Delivery time: Teos ring will be delivered in 2-3 weeks

Designed and handmade in Finland


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